Reach & Wash

The Reach and Wash System has revolutionized the window cleaning industry. To comply with the latest health and safety standards we can now clean windows up to 60ft without using ladders or leaving the ground.

Many people are unsure of how this system works or question if it does work. Basically we purify tap water by means of various filters to remove all traces of impurities.

Once this happens the state of the water changes to become de-ionised water which is a very good cleaning agent for windows, upvc, cladding and many other uses. The water is transported in our van tank and pumped along hose pipes to the pole and brush head.

The effectiveness of the water is amazing, the dirt really does just wash away. Because there are no impurities in the water such as lime scale or minerals it will not leave a mess on the glass like tap water and so we can leave the windows or upvc to dry naturally. All frames are cleaned at the same time. Customers are impressed at the job it does, and can see the safety benefits in not having to climb on their roof or up ladders as well as the privacy it gives them.

This system will only work properly with ultra- pure de-ionised water. Some window cleaners do not use water as pure as it should be, giving poor results which can give the system a bad reputation. We only use the purest water.